Horray 2011!

Horray and welcome to 2011!

Some short news:

We signed our debut album to Hero Records (UK) which has been run by our longtime friends from Hero No.7 since 2006.
Currently we're working out the last tunes on the album and doing some polishing. For those who loved the remix of "Mexican B-Boy" on our first 12" we're happy to announce that the original will be featured on the album alongside of "Wake Up" and also "The Good Vibe". Some brand new tunes will be also featured on the album, but the complete tracklist is not done at the moment.
In the next few weeks we will try to include a little shop section to this blog, you will be able to buy Mash & Munkee shirts in your desired size.
There will be also a brand new 7" out on Hero Records before the album drops with a brand new track and a non-album b-side, watch out for this.
We know we're late with this information and we promise to get this blog updated more often.
Keep up peeps!

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