01. Tullio De Piscopo "Stop Bajon (Das Moth Edit)"

02. Hess Is More "Would Would You Like To Disco"

03. Das Moth "Moon (Original Mix)"

04. Tanga "Sexy Eyes (All Good Funk Alliance Electro Boogie Remix)"

05. OverDose "Back To The Blackboard"

06. Tombee "Sticky Rhythm (Tom Eno Backward Remix)

07. Coco Steel & Lovebomb "Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix)"

08. Sketch "Break Even"

09. DoubleDose "New Hope"

10. The Electric "Running"

…And the quality just keeps on coming. Hero 7 and Mash & Munkee have a dancefloor breaks battle amongst themselves on this fresh little slice of wax b-boy action. It’s not just your ordinary A vs. B face off though. Nope – to change things up each pair has handed over their funky little baby to other for a reworking. Now there’s trust. It’s tricky deciding who’s got the bigger breaks but in the dancefloor stampede that dropping either of these will occasion it’s a moot point since when these beats are bumpin’ the crowd will most definitely be jumping. I hope my wax arrives in time for Friday’s gig. Yeah, I did say wax – I guess I’m just not ready to be a digital b-boy quite yet.

Full article here

Yessss!! The 7" is out...finally!

Hero No.7 return on their own Hero Records imprint with a brand new remix of “Keeping It Real?” by Germany’s breaks superstars Mash & Munkee. The original version of “Keeping It Real?” was a bona fide b-boy classic, gathering support from top international DJs such as Coldcut & Andy Smith, and was featured alongside Eric B & Rakim, The Roots & The Herbaliser’s “FabricLive 26″ mix-CD.

It was also used by champion breakdancers the Bad Taste Cru when they represented the UK at the 2008 Battle Of The Year World Finals. This remix for 2011 sees Mash & Munkee (aka Unifairfly / Renegades of Jazz and Deli-Kutt) turn the notch up and take the track into nu-funk territory with new drums, guitars, fat horns and swift scratchimg.

In a remix exchange, Hero No.7 have in turn reworked Mash & Munkee’s track “Keep On Movin’” and turned it into a cut’n'paste extravaganza, stripping back the original track to its musical roots and topping it off with heavier breaks, percussion and vocal samples. The track is topped off with some deft turntable action from legendary scratch DJ Krash Slaughta (II Tone Committee / Monkey Mafia / Killa Instinct) who expertly cuts up more musical delights.

Two sides of dancefloor b-boy funk guaranteed to rock your party.

Buy the mp3's here and the vinyl here

Hey folks...

just want to let you know that our releases are available from bandcamp.com now...

check out our Bandcamp

Buy our releases directly!


01. Sade "Soldier Of Love (Poor Ragged Rascal Remix)"

02. Randomer "Zabu"

03. Infrared "Spanish Bull"

04. Wildcookie "Flashy Flashy"

05. Anna Calvi "Blackout"

06. Harry Nilsson "Coconut"

07. Space Invadas "Recognise"

08. Candice Monique & The Optics "My Child"

09. Doctor Stereo "Back Again"

10. Niles Phillips "Growth Strategies (Afternoons In Stereo Remix)"

Horray and welcome to 2011!

Some short news:

We signed our debut album to Hero Records (UK) which has been run by our longtime friends from Hero No.7 since 2006.
Currently we're working out the last tunes on the album and doing some polishing. For those who loved the remix of "Mexican B-Boy" on our first 12" we're happy to announce that the original will be featured on the album alongside of "Wake Up" and also "The Good Vibe". Some brand new tunes will be also featured on the album, but the complete tracklist is not done at the moment.
In the next few weeks we will try to include a little shop section to this blog, you will be able to buy Mash & Munkee shirts in your desired size.
There will be also a brand new 7" out on Hero Records before the album drops with a brand new track and a non-album b-side, watch out for this.
We know we're late with this information and we promise to get this blog updated more often.
Keep up peeps!

01. DJ Marrrtin "Funky Bijou Anthem"

02. Hugo Kant "Though Shalt Not Kill"

03. Lykke Li "Get Some"

04. Othello & DJ Vajra "Ya Did It To Yaself feat. Ragen Fykes"

05. Andy H "A Little Jive (Lite Mix)"

06. Leggysalad "Unknown Today"

07. The Correspondents "Look What You Get"

08. Jack & Juke "9th Wonder"

09. Fredo "Black Panther"

10. Jono McCleery "Tomorrow"

01. Dooza "Cuban Explosive"

02. John Legend & The Roots "Hard Times feat. Black Thoughts"

03. Ernie K Doe "Here Come The Girls (Andy Smith & K5 Re-Boot)"

04. The Budos Band "Black Venom"

05. Tosca "Birthday (Grand Phabao Version)"

06. Kabanjak "All Lights Out"

07. Mute Speaker "Trouble"

08. Radio Citizen "Summer Days feat. Bajka"

09. Sunforest "Magician In The Mountain"

10. The Q4 "Goin' Down feat. Terryman"

01. Kraak & Smaak "Dynamite"

02. Sola Rosa "Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkun (Kinski's Bossa Remix"

03. DJ Graham B "Walking Sbace"

04. Max Sedgely "What've I Got To Do?"

05. Sygaire & Defcon "The Barracuda"

06. Danny Massure "Fix It (Zamali Remix)"

07. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition "Cumbia Kikuchi"

08. Bonobo "Ghost Ship"

09. Thunderball "12 Mile High"

10. Blundetto "Mustang (Heavenly Sweetness)"

01. Max Sedgley "Something Special (Crazy P Remix)"

02. Aaron Bingle & Chriscontrol "Can You Hear Me Now? feat. Jantey"

03. Tim McVicar "Help feat. John Turrell (Disco Remix)"

04. Andy Taylor "Bank Of Panama"

05. Tobitob Sessionlab "Mossy Meadows"

06. Hint "Pretty Stable"

07. Deja-Move "Herbalized In Bangladesh"

08. Voodoofunk "My Boogaloop"

09. The Haggis Horns "Keep On Dancing"

10. Mr. Scruff "Pickled Spider"


Album finished

It's been a while since our last post. Happy to let you all know that we're about to finish our first album. The last weeks we were able to finish some new tracks for the album. Now the album needs to be mixed and then we will start searchin' for a label. We hope to find a label until the end of the year, so that we can release it hopefully next year.
The album contains 12 tracks full of wah wah guitar driven blaxploitation styled funk nuggets. Also our tracks "The Good Vibe" and "Wake Up" will be on this album.
Okay, hope we can tell you good news soon.

01. Sade "Soldier Of Love (Poor Ragged Rascal Remix)"

02. The Budos Band "Black Venom"

03. Philly Blunt "Lost & Won"

04. Mankoora "Sunshine Bossa"

05. Unifairfly "Rock To The Rhythm"

06. Savages Y Suefo "Baby Gone"

07. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL "Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub)"

08. Andreya Triana "Daydreamers"

09. Hidden Orchestra "Footsteps"

10. Zero 7 "Home (Glorybox Remix)"